Aphria: From Nuuvera To Scythian, It be DéJà Vu All Over Again – Making an try for Alpha

Aphria: From Nuuvera To Scythian, It be DéJà Vu All Over Again – Making an try for Alpha

Aphria (APHA) has performed it again. After the company got slammed for its insider dealings for the length of the Nuuvera (OTC:NUUVF) transaction, it’s a long way as soon as again being accused of committing serious insider-dealing and monetary fraud on the expense of shareholders. Sooner than Monday’s fallout, Aphria changed into one of the indispensable supreme hashish corporations in the arena with a C$2.Four billion market price and a reputation of being one of the indispensable few “winning” hashish corporations in Canada. We mediate the brief file printed jointly by Quintessential Capital Administration (“QCM”) and Hindenburg Research (“Hindenburg”) presented tangible and compelling proof of attainable problematic dealmaking connected to Aphria’s LATAM acquisitions relief in July this yr. It is onerous to occupy that after the Nuuvera scandal, Aphria insiders are doubtlessly at it again.

Hello Again, Short Sellers

Aphria is no longer any stranger to Hindenburg as the latter first exposed Aphria’s insider dealings for the length of its Nuuvera acquisition relief in February 2018. The conclusion of that saga changed into evident: Aphria insiders held zero.9% of the goal, but chose no longer to point out these ownerships for the reason that deal changed into deemed an arm’s dimension transaction by Canadian securities legislation. It changed into furthermore onerous to assess Nuveera’s correct price given Aphria appears to possess positioned many of the price on its worldwide footprint which is vague and undefined.

On Monday, Hindenburg and Quintessential printed a joint research share on Aphria where the authors had a goal label of zero dollars for Aphria. They accused the company of procuring empty shell companies in Latin The United States that are owned by an insider. The file furthermore claims that Aphria’s products are of tainted quality and its greenhouses are infested with bugs. We gained’t repeat your total vital factors as the file appears to be to be very thorough.

(Supply: Hindenburg Research)

The reaction changed into swift and fierce as investors dumped Aphria shares sending the inventory relief to ranges closing seen in October 2017. Aphria shares are now down 60% in 2018 after the inventory reached over $20 perfect reasonably of over a month in the past. Trading volumes furthermore exploded on Monday with over 33 million shares traded on the TSX and over fifty three million shares traded on the NYSE, together representing 37% of the traditional shares infamous for the company. The news reverberated at some stage in social media platforms and standard investor forums reaching a diploma that surpassed different brief selling experiences such as Citron’s brief experiences on Tilray (TLRY), Cronos (CRON) and Namaste (OTCQB:NXTTF).

6 Board Members, Handiest 2 Are Unprejudiced

The board of Aphria has the closing accountability to approve the acquisitions and the board would possess violated its fiduciary responsibility can possess to the allegations made by the brief file teach correct. Administration furthermore has duties to behavior detailed due diligence alongside with on-the-ground divulge visits! Each and each the board and administration could perchance doubtlessly possess didn’t address just a few of essentially the most total diligence items as raised by the brief file. It is onerous to imagine the board of a multi-billion-buck company approves transactions that are displaying blatant pink flags on so many different aspects.

(Firm net divulge)

After reviewing Aphria’s current board member, we came away bowled over by the dearth of public company board experience and shortage of independence:

  • John Cervini: Co-founder, insider
  • Cole Cacciavillani: Co-founder, insider
  • Vic Neufeld: CEO, insider
  • John Herhalt: Retired KPMG accomplice
  • Renah Persofsky: Private investor
  • Shawn Dym: Private investor, insider, founding father of a non-public hashish fund, Inexperienced Ace Capital, where Aphria changed into a founding investor and Vic Neufeld changed into a member of the advisory board

Out of the 6 board members, completely 2 of them appear finally self sustaining, which is a indispensable governance deficiency in our thought. How could perchance a board that is comprised mainly of insiders be relied on to realize their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders? We now possess already seen what came about in the Nuuvera deal where board members held personal investments in the goal company but personally chose no longer to point out that. We mediate the company needs to overhaul its board by doing away with insiders and severely increasing the different of self sustaining board members to toughen governance.

Cormark Securities Equity Thought

When Aphria announced the deal on July 17, three brokerage corporations were mentioned in the press free up and two of them offered equity opinions (leer here what’s a equity thought). Cormark issued a equity thought to Aphria Board whereas Haywood issued a equity thought to Aphria.

The Board of Directors of Aphria has got a equity thought from Cormark Securities that, as of July 16, 2018, and enviornment to the assumptions, boundaries and qualifications on which such opinions are primarily based mostly, the honor to be offered by Aphria in admire of the Transaction is handsome, from a monetary level of gape, to Aphria. The eligible directors of Aphria, after receiving lawful and monetary advice, possess unanimously authorized the Transaction.

Cormark did no longer submit the vital factors of the equity thought and as a replace completely frail the humble one-liner. Unlike U.S. requirements where funding banks must expose their analysis and assumptions they frail to assemble the equity thought in the spherical, the securities legislation in Canada are mighty extra relaxed, thus investors dwell no longer possess get admission to to the right equity thought offered by Cormark. We mediate now is the time to search files from of Cormark to point out vital factors of their analysis which changed into frail to present their thought that the deal changed into handsome to Aphria shareholders. If the equity thought unnoticed blatant pink flags, then the advisors ought to be held to blame.

On the tons of hand, Haywood Securities furthermore issued a equity thought and the brokerage company even valued the resources at $a hundred and eighty and $200 million per the press free up on July 17 when the deal changed into first announced. We would furthermore be very to judge how Haywood arrived at their valuation assuming they’ve performed divulge visits and administration interviews as piece of their conventional equity thought and due diligence process.

The Board has furthermore got a formal valuation ready primarily based totally on the requirements underneath Multilateral Instrument sixty one-One zero one – Protection of Minority Security Holders in Particular Transactions (“MI sixty one-One zero one“) for connected party transactions (as Aphria is a connected party of Scythian) and a equity thought from Haywood Securities Inc. indicating that the handsome market price of the issued and infamous current shares of LATAM Holdings Inc. is in the vary of CAD $a hundred and eighty million to CAD $200 million and that the Consideration payable to Scythian pursuant to the Transaction is handsome, from a monetary level of gape, to Scythian.

Aphria Response

At 3 pm Eastern time, Aphria issued a brief response that did by hook or by crook address the brief file but rather referred investors to the reality that it has got equity thought from “a kindly company”:

The file makes reference to the Firm’s LATAM acquisition which closed on September 27, 2018. In reference to this transaction, the Board of Directors of Aphria confirmed that it got monetary advice and a equity thought from a kindly company that the honor to be offered by Aphria in admire of the transaction changed into handsome, from a monetary level of gape, to Aphria and its shareholders.

The response is damaged-down for 2 causes. To begin with, investors dwell no longer possess get admission to to the detailed analysis that Cormark, the “kindly company”, frail to prepare its equity thought for the Aphria board. If Aphria surely needs to count on this level, they may be able to possess to query Cormark to submit its detailed valuation of the LATAM resources so investors can get assurances that the Aphria board changed into fully told. Secondly, the company did no longer possess an instantaneous response to a single yell made in the brief file which appears distinctive given Aphria may want to possess thousands due diligence materials readily available to dispute just a few of essentially the most evident claims. To illustrate, is there surely a Unit fifty one at its Jamaican address?

While we enjoy the reality that the company could perchance successfully be making ready an intensive response right this moment, we furthermore occupy all Aphria investors are anxiously looking forward to that response, and it goes to no longer purchase extra than 24 hours if correct diligence changed into performed and recorded for the length of the dealmaking process. The acquisition changed into announced completely in July this yr so there is no longer any excuse to additional lengthen a forceful and fulsome response that addresses all of the factors raised in the brief file.

The put To Now?

To begin with, let’s assess the concern on Monday. Primarily based totally on total shares infamous of 232 million, Monday’s fall from $10.fifty one to $7.60 represented a loss of $675 million in market price. The Latin American deals that are being accused by the brief file authors totaled $280 million. On the outside, it appears to be cherish the market has overreacted to the news for the reason that maximum loss the company could perchance incur could perchance perchance be $280 million plus-minus. Then again, we dwell agree that the aptitude impact on Aphria will be mighty bigger than the face price of the LATAM acquisitions can possess to these allegations teach to be moral. The detrimental penalties could perchance lengthen into investor self perception, asset write-downs, shareholder complaints, regulatory investigation and together devastating impact on its fraction label in the non permanent.

(TSX Net divulge)

It is furthermore price noting that shares which possess connections with Aphria furthermore suffered alongside with Liberty Health (OTCQX:LHSIF), which lost 12%, and SOL World Investments (pka Scythian) (OTCQB:SOLCF), which dropped forty one%. We mediate the fall at SOL is anticipated now that its owner and is personally exposed in the brief file and SOL changed into furthermore wrathful by the brief file.


Right here at Cornerstone Investments, now we possess repeatedly tried to assemble the supreme just files on a huge put of hashish companies to lend a hand investors behavior their very enjoy due diligence. We’re no longer in a position to behavior such an intensive investigative analysis for every company that we duvet as the two authors possess performed on this brief file. Then again, we applaud their files as one more supply of diligence for all investors. We mediate the analysis presented by QCM and Hindenburg is compelling and warrants serious responses from Aphria’s board, administration, and advisors. After the Nuuvera scandal, we perfect could perchance no longer occupy that Aphria insiders are again on the center of one more attainable corporate scandal. We’re downgrading Aphria to Unprejudiced whereas looking forward to the company’s detailed responses.

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Disclosure: I/we establish no longer possess any positions in any shares mentioned, and no plans to launch any positions at some stage in the next seventy two hours.

I wrote this text myself, and it expresses my enjoy opinions. I’m no longer receiving compensation for it (different than from Making an try for Alpha). I don’t possess any replace relationship with any company whose inventory is mentioned on this text.

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