Jimmy Fallon tests Jason Momoa’s trident-throwing skills

Jimmy Fallon tests Jason Momoa’s trident-throwing skills

It’s appropriate some totally casual trident throwing on The Tonight List. Nothing to behold here, folks.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Jason Momoa to a game of Water Wars earlier this 300 and sixty five days in honor of Aquaman, nonetheless, it looks to be, he determined to care for things additional. For the explanation that Atlantean superhero’s signature weapon is a immense trident, the slack-repeat host determined to build apart Momoa’s true-existence trident-tossing skills to the take a look at.

As you’ll want to presumably presumably’ve guessed, he became as soon as realized staunch.

Lawful as Momoa is tremendous into taking part in Aquaman on the elephantine mask, the Game of Thrones used obtained really into this game. He misplaced his blazer, shucked his sneakers, overturned ottomans, and delivered a booming battle chant.

Fallon couldn’t retain it collectively whereas introducing the game because Momoa kept circling his competitor. “Where is he? Okay, there you’ll want to presumably also very properly be. Oh my gosh!” he exclaimed in traditional Fallon mutterings. “I whine to God, every 2d I absorb esteem he appropriate could presumably snap considered one of on the present time and that’s the draw it ends for me.”

Momoa is also web hosting this weekend’s episode of Saturday Evening Live and he’s tremendous into that, in line with the latest promos. Possibly more trident throwing is in the discontinuance to future.

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